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    What is OWeek?

    Our vision?is that through exceptional orientation programming, students will maximize their individual potential in the classroom, on campus, and as citizens of broader communities.

    With the help of over 950 upper-year student volunteers, and the best training to support them, we have successfully hosted some of the largest orientation programs in Canada year after year.

    Western’s Orientation Program is a joint effort between several stakeholders on campus including, The University Students’ Council, Brescia University College, Huron University College, and King’s University College. The program seeks to provide incoming students with an orientation to many aspects of campus life. In collaboration with staff, faculty, and students, we aim to facilitate a seamless transition to campus, provide the necessary resources to support student wellbeing and academic preparedness, create peer connections, and build a sense of belonging on campus and in the city of London.

    There are several programs and services at Western that support student transition; the Orientation Program is an important element of this large network. Although the Orientation Program is heavily focused on social connectedness, it also serves as a catalyst for the beginning of the lengthier, year-long transition by connecting students to learning and development resources at the University.

    “‘OWeek helped me feel at home again when my home is actually a ways away. The Welcoming Rally on Residence Day, the Opening Ceremonies, the Faculty Rally, the OneLove Rally, and the Closing Ceremonies were all crucial in providing me with the knowledge to thrive here”

    2019 OWeek Survey Findings



    Through exceptional orientation programming, students will maximize their individual potential in the classroom, on campus and as citizens of broader communities.


    Student Orientation at Western facilitates incoming students’ ability to thrive in university by fostering connections with peers, faculty and staff, expanding their knowledge of campus resources and developing their personal and academic skills.


    Diversity, collaboration, safe campus climate, integrity, community, respect, leadership, fun.

    Who are we?

    The Orientation Staff team is a group of student leaders responsible for the planning and execution of Orientation Week endeavors in collaboration with the Coordinator of Orientation Initiatives. The group is tasked with planning campus-wide events during Orientation Week and assisting with the implementation of recruitment, training, and recognition initiatives for Sophs.?

    Please email us at?orientationstaff@westernusc.ca with any questions, comments, or concerns.?